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LR 772 2 Blacktown Ward manuscript history and historical reports, 1960-1984 Blacktown Ward manuscript history and historical reports
LR 3102 27 Nauvoo Stake ward census, 1842 Lists of members in Nauvoo 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wards in Nauvoo, Illinois, as recorded by members of Aaronic Priesthood and submitted to general Church clerk James Sloan. Nauvoo 1st ward census (LR 3102 27/f0001)
Nauvoo 2nd ward census (LR 3102 27/f0002)
Nauvoo 3rd ward census (LR 3102 27/f0003)
Nauvoo 4th ward census (LR 3102 27/f0004)
LR 4218 20 Joliet Ward publications, 1974 Microfilm: 1974
LR 5522 2 Middle States Mission manuscript history and historical reports, 1902-1903 Middle States Mission Manuscript history and historical reports, 1902-1903
LR 6092 31 Nineteenth Ward ladies' prayer meetings minutes, 1873-1879 With approval of the bishop, sisters in the Nineteenth Ward began in January 1873 to hold semi-monthly meetings in the home of Rachel S. Ware, where they would sing, speak to each other, and have prayer. Meetings were held until April 1879, when Ware felt they should be discontinued.

Volume contains minutes of the meetings, followed by later entries by Ware about her reading of the record and about meetings held in her home on her birthdays, 1880-1884. Ware also copied several poems into the volume. Loose in the volume is a printed text of song written by Charles W. Stayner for the 1879 Old Folks Excursion.
Nineteenth Ward ladies' prayer meetings minutes
LR 6742 14 Paris Branch Relief Society minutes and records, 1937-1965 Volume 1, 1937-1939
Volume 2, 1957-1958
Volume 3, 1964
Volume 4, 1965
LR 8758 2 Gibraltar Mission manuscript history and historical reports, 1852-1853 Gibraltar Mission Manuscript history and historical reports, 1852-1853
LR 9361 65 Northwestern States Mission newsletter, 1942-1943 Monthly newsletter of the Northwestern States Mission titled "The Review." Also includes some loose pages and mission statistical information. 1943 January-February; December and loose pages.
1942 January-December.
LR 10239 11 Winnipeg 2nd Branch general minutes, 1968-1977
LR 10701 2 Antwerp District manuscript history and historical reports, 1962-1989
LR 10701 11 Antwerp District general minutes, 1960-1976
LR 16220 2 Del Mar Ward manuscript history and historical reports, 1975-1983
LR 18477 2 Paris France Stake manuscript history and historical reports, 1977-1978
MS 386 2 Thomas D. Brown diary, 1854 April-1857 January Account of Brown's labors in the Southern Indian Mission and helping to build Fort Harmony and establish a community. Brown, clerk and recorder of the mission, records events of travel, the terrain, building the fort, canals, roads, contacts with and baptisms of the Paiute/Piedes Indians, and attempts to learn the Indian language. Includes description of Indian customs, activities of John D. Lee, and the indiscretions of the missionaries. Also includes letters from Brigham Young, illustrations, and songs and poems written by Brown. Copy by Historian's Office. Thomas D. Brown diary
MS 626 Truman O. Angell journals and record book, 1851-1881 Journals record his activities as Church architect. First volume tells of plans for and construction of public, church, and private buildings in Salt Lake City and other localities. Includes typescript copy. Second volume tells of the construction of the Salt Lake Temple and Tabernacle. There is a gap in his record between October 1867 and March 1868. Includes notes and bills relating to the Temple stairs and stonework, dated sporadically from 1857 through 1871.

Record book contains log of bills of materials for various buildings in Salt Lake City, including the sugar works and Brigham Young's house, 1853, bill of stone for the Temple, 1857, and record of stone cutters' work on the Temple, 1869-1875. Also includes an 1881 memorandum and notations relative to astronomical observations and chronometer readings, 1855.
MS 1443 Zebedee Coltrin diaries, 1832-1834
MS 1517 John McLaws reminiscences and diary, 1879 May-1895 April McLaws briefly recounts his early life in Utah and then continues with a daily account of his activities in St. Joseph, Arizona.

Includes information about the St. Joseph United Order, the Little Colorado Stake, and McLaws's proselyting experiences among the Navajo Indians.

Typescript prepared by BYU. Includes a table of contents and name index.
MS 1972 Thomas Greenhalgh diaries, 1850-1856
MS 3397 Samuel P. Horsley journal, circa 1890-1926 Contains a rewritten account of Horsley's immigration from England, with an account of his activities as a missionary in the St. George Stake. Includes copied letters, compositions, miscellaneous reflections, and newspaper clippings.
MS 3434 ITEM 1b Nauvoo (Ill.) City Court docket book, 1843 March-1845 February Record of cases presented before the Municipal Court of Nauvoo. Pages 51-150 of the volume.
MS 3466 Susan C. Wilkinson autograph album, circa 1837-1844; 1860-1861
MS 4960 Biographical sketches of Solomon Chamberlain and William Somerville, 1979, undated
MS 7061 James M. Monroe journal, 1841 September-1842 June, 1845 April-May
MS 7080 Azubah H. Woodruff letters, Farmington, Connecticut to Betsey Cossitt, Simsbury, Connecticut, 1845, 1846 Written to Woodruff's niece pertaining to family matters and her concern regarding the upcoming emigration of the Church to the west. Mentions the activities of Wilford Woodruff in England and of her daughter Eunice in Nauvoo, Illinois. Letters are incomplete. Also includes a poem.
MS 7692 Susa Young Gates papers, circa 1870-1933 Extensive files accumulated by Gates as wife and mother, church worker, author, editor, lecturer, teacher, and organizer of LDS women's groups and activities.

Papers include Gates's correspondence with family members, as well as many other individuals and organizations; occasional journals and other autobiographical materials kept by Gates and her relatives, as well as other family papers such as patriarchal blessings; files documenting Gates's interest in genealogical and temple work and especially genealogy of Brigham Young family; files regarding her service on Young Ladies' Mutual Improvement Association and Relief Society general boards (1889-1901 and 1911-1922, respectively) and as editor of their official journals, Young Woman's Journal and Relief Society Magazine; files relating to Gates's major writings, especially her unpublished History of Women and her biography of her father, The Life Story of Brigham Young, as well as other books, poems, short stories, and plays; and numerous newspaper clippings about Gates and people and issues of interest to her, many of them reporting opera career of her daughter, Emma Lucy Gates Bowen.

In addition to types of records already mentioned, Gates papers also contain numerous programs and invitations, as well as scrapbooks, financial records, texts of speeches, biographies of LDS women, and occasional minutes of meetings. Family photographs and other visual images received with Gates papers were removed for separate cataloging.

Besides husband Jacob F. Gates, children Leah D. Widtsoe, Emma Lucy Gates Bowen, B. Cecil Gates, Harvey H. Gates, and Franklin Y. Gates, mother Lucy Bigelow Young, grandmother Mary G. Bigelow, sisters Dora Y. Hagan and Mabel Y. Sanborn, and father-in-law Jacob Gates, other frequent correspondents represented in Gates papers include church leaders Joseph F. Smith, Heber J. Grant, Abraham H. Cannon, Reed Smoot, John A. Widtsoe, Elmina S. Taylor, and Emmeline B. Wells, half-sister Zina Y. Card, close friend Elizabeth C. McCune, lecturer Lydia M. Mountford, and officers of National Council of Women and International Council of Women.

Portion of Gates's papers held by her daughter Leah D. Widtsoe, as well as additional papers of Emma Lucy Gates Bowen beyond those found in MS 7692, are at Utah State Historical Society. Historical Department has registers for both those collections and microfilm copy (MS 8884) of Gates papers. Official Relief Society files kept by Susa Young Gates are cataloged as CR 11 256. Correspondence of Susa Young Gates and other family members can also be found in Widtsoe family papers (MS 5417).
MS 8402 Luke W. Gallup reminiscences and diary, 1842 May-1891 March
MS 12234 Breinholt family histories, 1844-1990
MS 14505 Emeline G. Rich autobiography, 1890-1896 Includes information about her father, Thomas Grover, and his family, including account of their expulsion from Missouri and travel west to Utah in 1847. Also includes family genealogy and copy of Thomas Grover's 1874 diary with information obtained from Grover family records in New York.

Transcribed by Mark L. Grover in 1995 from longer original cataloged as MS 9592.
MS 15178 Eliza J. Churchill Webb letters, Lockport, New York, 1876-1877 Letters written to Webb's son and daughter-in-law, Gilbert and Kate Webb, in Fillmore, Utah.

Letters describe her views toward religion and concerns for family members and refer to travels of daughter, Ann Eliza Webb Young.

File includes typescript copies.
MS 17381 Thomas Greenhalgh journal, 1846-1850 Discussion of Greenhalgh's experiences as Church member living near Pendlebury, England.

Topics covered include his conversion in 1840, service as clerk in Pendlebury Branch, efforts to procure meeting place, rebaptism of various branch members, discord in branch, and details of Sunday meetings.
MS 17786 Henry G. Mathis missionary journal, 1900-1902 Account of Mathis's experiences in the German Mission, serving in Germany and Hungary during presidency of Arnold H. Schulthess.

Mathis labored in and around Cologne (March-August 1900), and Frankfurt (August 1900-April 1901) Germany; Temesvar, Hungary, which is now known as Timisoara, Romania, (May-August 1901); and Lubeck (September-December 1901) and Stuttgart, Germany (December 1901-April 1902).

Journal includes information about outbreak of small pox among missionaries in Frankfurt (28 January-13 February 1901), and Mathis's arrest and deportation from Temesvar (22-23 August 1901).

Mathis's second missionary journal is cataloged as MS 6165.
MS 18005 Alfred W. Harding papers, 1889-1927 Collection of Harding's personal papers, including his patriarchal blessing, marriage certificate, priesthood ordination certificates, mission call letter to Samoan Mission (1891), photographs of Harding and missionary companions in Samoa (1892), and election certificates as councilman in Provo, Utah (1897, 1909).

Also includes patriarchal blessing of Harding's wife Martha L. Harding.
MS 21921 W. W. Phelps diary, 1835 January-June Transcript of Phelps's diary. The account briefly describes Phelps's activities in Liberty, Missouri; journey to Ohio; and experiences in Kirtland. Includes copies of revelations known as sections 37, 105, 103, and 111 of the Doctrine and Covenants and also Moses chapter one from the Pearl of Great Price. Also includes other scriptural passages, notations, and poetry written by Phelps in the diary through 1864. Transcript also includes copies of an 1836 Missouri land certificate, an 1871 letter, and a 1855 missionary certificate.

Original diary is cataloged as MS 3450; original land certificate is cataloged as MS 21922; original 1871 letter is cataloged as MS 21923; and original 1855 missionary certificate is cataloged as MS 21924.
W. W. Phelps diary (typescript)
MS 22124 Hyrum Phillips mission journals, 1899-1901 Account of the daily activities of Hyrum Phillips during his service in the Oklahoma Indian Territory, of the Southwestern States Mission.
MS 22623 Augusta G. Adams papers, 1903-1906; 1956. Account of Adams' experiences in the New Zealand Mission. Adams served as a travelling sister in Auckland, Wanganui, New Plymouth, Mahia, Poverty Bay, Hauraki, and Whangarei.

The photograph album includes portraits of missionaries, members, families, and homes.
MS 22842 William John Glade and Annie Hamilton Glade family history, 1970 History of the Glade family from Harcomibe, Devon County, England; their conversion and emigration in 1859 to Salt Lake City, Utah; and mission to the Southern States, 1895-1897. Also contains information about their family including pictures and poems.

Historical information compiled by Beulah Glade, Melissa Behunion and Mary Walton.
MS 23333 Clark family papers, 1890-1987 Materials include Charles R. Savage photograph of Ezra T. Clark, an Ezra T. Clark family photograph, an Edward F. Clark record book with doctrinal notes (1968), and transcripts of Edward F. Clark blessings (1890, 1920). Also includes miscellaneous incoming Clark family correspondence expressing appreciation for services rendered (1934-1987).

Additional materials acquired with this collection can be found in MS 23332, MS 23334, and PH 8812.
MS 23947 Levi Thornton journal and autobiography, 1857-1879 An account of Levi Thorton's life in Quincy, Pennsylvania; Nauvoo, Illinois; Farmington, Utah; and Portage, Utah. In 1842, while living in Pennsylvania, Thornton was converted to the gospel. A year later, he moved to Nauvoo where he served in the Nauvoo Legion. He also described the martyrdom of Joseph Smith.

Also contains Thornton's journal entries from May 1857-April 1859 and a brief genealogy.
MS 24401 Edwin Rushton family collection, circa 1833-1966 Letters and papers relating to Edwin Rushton and his family. Includes Edwin Rushton's later manuscript notations about prophecies given by Joseph Smith, known collectively as the White Horse prophecy, and typescript information about Rushton's vision about a seer stone.

Letters include Edwin Rushton's 1849 letter to Thomas Bullock concerning Rushton's endeavors to move west, the cholera epidemic at St. Louis, and property difficulties with William Pickett; and later letters from Rushton's brother Richard Rushton Jr. and his daughter Lida Rushton (Baker) in St. Louis.

Other papers include patriarchal blessings given by Hyrum Smith in 1844 and John Smith in 1895; 1855 baptismal certificate for Sarah Robinson (Rushton) issued in Birmingham, England; and one page family history written by Richard Rushton Sr. in about 1833.

Collection also includes 1920 letter to Sarah Rushton from her son Don C. Rushton upon his arrival in Australia to preside as Australian Mission president, letters to Edith R. Christensen concerning genealogy, Edith R. Christensen's 1940 DUP membership application, and copy of Edwin Rushton's obituary published in the Improvement Era in 1904.
MS 24472 John R. Bohman family history collection, 1862-1865 A transcript of Carl John Sundback's journal detailing his experiences while living in Jonkiping, Sweden, and his 1864 journey to Utah, in 1865. Includes genealogy, and a roster of those baptized in the branch in Jonkoping. Sunback was the first branch president in the Jonkoping Branch.

Collection includes biographical sketches and pictures of other Bohman ancestors.
MS 24654 George W. Rogers mission journal, 1892-1894 Contains journal kept by Rogers during his service in the Southern States Mission. He served in the Pensacola, Florida area.
MS 25734 Gertrude L. R. Garff scrapbook, 1910-2000 Scrapbook contains photographs, yearbook pages, newspaper clippings, certificates, telegrams, pamphlets, speeches, correspondence, cards and newsletters. Items give great insight regarding Garff and her family's lives throughout the years. Includes information regarding her husband, Mark B. Garff, during his service as president of the Danish Mission prior to evacuation in World War II, and on the welfare committee and as LDS building chief. Garff was on the Relief Society General Board from 1940-1947.
MS 25812 Louis D. Fayter mission papers, 1897-1900, 2012 Contains mission journals, notepad, and address book reflecting the work done and experiences Fayter encountered serving in the British mission. Also contains a photograph of Fayter and a biographical sketch of his life written by his great-great-granddaughter, Elizabeth Snow.
MS 25895 John Needham autobiography and journal, 1840 August-1842 December Needham recounts his early life in England and LDS conversion in Preston in 1838, and records missionary travels in Staffordshire, Worcestershire, and Herefordshire. He also records his missionary labors in Abergavenny, Wales.

A typescript copy is cataloged as MS 4221.
MS 25939 San Juan Cooperation Company record book, 1887-1920 Record book contains the articles of agreement, by-laws, and board meeting minutes of the San Juan Cooperation Company which was located in Bluff, Utah. The San Juan Cooperation Company was also known as the Bluff co-op.
MS 25976 Nancy R. C. Winchester autograph album, 1880-1904 Autograph album includes notes to Winchester, called Annie, from friends and family. Winchester was a prominent resident of Murray, Utah.
MS 25987 Oscar B. Young mission journal, 1867 January-May Journal recounts the experiences Young encountered while serving in the British Mission in London, England.
MS 26160 Alfred W. Asper mission journals, 1901-1904
MS 26209 John A. Nelson mission papers, 1914-1917
MS 26259 Farmington City cemetery record, 1854-1928 Contains records of those buried in the Farmington City cemetery. Includes name, birth date, birth place, parents' names, death date, cause of death, and date buried.
PH 211 Physical Facilities Department photograph collection, circa 1890-1988 Views of buildings built, purchased, or rented by the church, including temples, tabernacles, stake offices, meetinghouses, Relief Society halls and granaries, recreation halls, seminaries, institute buildings, mission homes and offices. Collection includes some architectural drawings and sketches that relate directly to the photographs.

Most manuscript items originally accompanying these photographs have been cataloged under CR 103 116.
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PH 9451 Nelson B. Wadsworth photographic slides, 1964-1965 Photographic slides taken by Wadsworth of various tourist attractions in New York. Slides include images of the New York City skyline, church sites in Palmyra, New York, and the World's Fair. Majority of the images are of a mural painted by Sidney E. King for the Mormon Pavilion at the World's Fair.

See MS 26008 for related material.