Joseph Smith Jr. (1805-1844)

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Alternate Names Brother Joseph, Joe Smith
Birth 23 December 1805
Sharon, Windsor Co., Vermont, United States
Marriage Wives of Joseph Smith
Death 27 June 1844
Carthage, Hancock Co., Illinois, United States
Gender Male
Religious Influence Church of Christ
Callings President of the Church of Christ, 25 January 1832 - 27 June 1844
Occupations Mayor of Nauvoo (Illinois), 19 May 1842 - 27 June 1844
Authority Control
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Joseph Smith, Jr. is the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. He was born in Vermont on 23 December 1805 to Joseph Smith, Sr. and Lucy Mack.[1] Around 1820, Joseph claimed to receive a vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ.[2] This event led to his eventual publication of The Book of Mormon and organization of the Church of Christ, events that began the Latter Day Saint movement. Joseph claimed to receive another heavenly visitation in 1823. This time it was the Angel Moroni telling Joseph about an ancient civilization and their record, which was engraved on golden plates.[3] He met Emma Hale and the two were wed on 18 January 1827.[4] Later that year, Joseph obtained the golden plates shown him by Moroni.[5] He translated The Book of Mormon and published it in early 1830.[6] A short time later, Joseph participated in the organization of the Church of Christ on 6 April 1830.[7][8] On 25 January 1832 he was sustained as President of the Church and he served in the position until his death. He also became the mayor of Nauvoo, Illinois, on 19 May 1842.[9] He practiced polygamy and was married to a disputed number of women (see Wives of Joseph Smith). After being taken to Carthage, Illinois, he was murdered by a mob on 27 June 1844.[10][11]

Published Works

  • The Book of Mormon (1830, 1837, 1840, 1841)
  • Book of Commandments (1833)
  • Doctrine and Covenants (1835, 1844)
  • Book of Abraham, from the Times and Seasons (1842)
  • Pearl of Great Price (1851)


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Secondary Sources

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